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The World has changed

It's amazing how much has changed since I started this company, this website, and this blog. My children have grown and are now teenagers!

The digital world has exploded. Now it seems that most of our lives and creative work on conducted on social media. I know it's possible to build a creative business without social media, but so much of our daily activity happens there. We seem to be able to get an ever-present update on what people are doing with social media.

I'm trying to keep the digital world from using up all my time! And the reality is that there are so many things going on in life that you don't see on social media. I've been growing a career in Communications since one month before the pandemic in March 2020. This isn't work that I cultivate for my business, so I haven't shared it here.

I've entered a new industry which is also a Christian ministry. In my Communications role, I still have the opportunity to be creative. I'm continually learning about building a brand and even better building an online community.

Creative work still calls and I miss the clients I worked with over the years with McSwain Design.

I hope to continue to create creative work here but am enjoying the work-life balance of one collaborative job and less on my own.

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