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8 ways to give your logo the love it deserves

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So, you have a bright, shiny new logo, here are some simple tips to keep it looking great.,

1. Always hold shift when scaling a jpeg or png file of your logo, so that it stays in proportion (except in photoshop that has confused the world by abandoning this rule).

2. Use the correct format for your needs. EPS or PDF's work great for signage. JPEGs for imagery and PNGs have a clear background (in general).

3. Ask for original files when the logo is designed (vector files like adobe illustrator, .ai). You never know what changes you will need to make or what files a printer or web designer will need in the future.

4. If your logo is not hand-drawn, ask for the typeface that is set in or is based on. You may want to use this in other materials or headers to keep your look consistent.

5. Find out the color values for any colors in your logo. You can then use these values whenever using your identity and look instantly more professional. Most designers will assign a PMS number as well in case you need to professional print with matching ink.

6. Don't add or take away elements from your logo without a lot of thought. Sticking new words or dates with your logo complicate a balance your designer has worked hard to create.

7. Place your logo on a clear, clean background with enough room around the logo that it doesn't compete with surrounding graphics and text.

8. Consult your designer if you need changes or updates to your logo! She'd probably love to help you, for a good price!

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