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What did (and didn't) work for 2018

I'm following the lead of couple of writers I admire and making two lists. One list is about what worked this year - what things I enjoyed, which things grew, things I'd want to continue. The second list is things that didn't work. It feels important to realize that somethings just don't work for us in business, life and relationships. Let's name those things and move on.

What worked in 2018

1. Teaching online

I've really come to love teaching in the online environment. I feel that it works with my available time for working and with my organizational skills.

2. Running 3 times a week

This is not something that I count (although I do record workouts on my watch), but it is really important. Making time for a run when I need one and when the dog needs one changes my attitude and outlook. It's easy to tell when taking a run in the next right thing. I've switched to an older apple watch instead of my Garmin and hoping it goes well.

3. Changing it up

I was fortunate enough to work in-house in a marketing department in the December. This stirred up dormant parts of my brain and showed me that I really do like what I do. I like the design/production/computer part of my job, especially when it means working with fantastic people in a great environment.

4. Staying connected

Reaching out to old friends and stretching out to some new ones helped build my work this year and give me some ideas for the future.

5. Keep working on that resume

Some things on the resume I created 12 years ago when I started this company needed to change. Duh! Only after reworking it several times this year, did I start to see areas that really needed to go away and places to add the new skills I've learned.

6. Letting Go

My "one word" for this year was Release. When I literally "let go" of trying to control everyone and everything, including my work, I felt better and worked smarter.

What didn't work in 2018

1. Overcommitting

There were many days that I literally ran from one thing to the next. My work often felt rushed because of multiple commitments in one day.

2. Not sleeping from 1am - 4am

I wouldn't recommend it. Be gone insomnia! December has been much more restful.

3. Overscrolling (taken from emily p. freeman)

Too much social media makes my head spin.

4. Trying to control things

As a business owner, mother, self-motivated person, I think I'll always struggle with trying to control and organize situations and things around me. But...releasing the need to try to fix it all gives me the freedom to enjoy people, situations and (gasp) change.

5. Spending too much

I'm excited to look at budgets and see where I can cut expenses this year, as expenses in some areas rise (technology, school, transportation). Even too many small outings, while I love them, steal from larger, more productive uses of our resources. I'm going back to Mint this year after using Everydollar for a couple of years.

Here's to a 2019 full of growth in relationships and skills. I pray for days filled with work and rest and relationships built on grace and acceptance.

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