From logos to billboards, I love creating custom designs to help clients communicate with their target audience effectively and professionally. My design process starts with a conversation. I like to know as much as I can about my clients. This helps me to provide solutions that not only look good, but also share the right message with the right people. My experience working in advertising has helped me to understand the creative process intimately – from initial client conversations to brainstorming, design and final production. I’m only happy with a design when my client is happy, so working together to get it just right is key.


Design really becomes fun when it’s personal. Birthday parties for kids or elegant corporate events deserve a designer’s touch from beginning to end. I started an etsy shop years ago when I was designing birthday party invitations left and right for friends and family. Creating the perfect invitation package for a wedding, also makes my heart sing. The mix of emotion, color, elegance, fun and especially the paper they are printed on, make designing for events a sweet spot in my book. 


One of my favorite parts of the design process is working with people. Bringing confidence to young designers and training others to use design tools brings me energy. I’ve learned that I have skills that other aspiring designers can use. Yes, learning Adobe Creative Suite is a must, but learning how to gracefully say no to a client can be just as important. Individual training for professionals in companies without a design department and presenting graphic design to high school students for the first time are others way I connect and give back.