Monday, January 6, 2014


As I'm traveling around the web this morning, I see lots of posts about making goals and keeping them this year. The kids go back to school today, so this week will be my planning and goal-setting week, as well.

I have lots of short term and long term goals floating around in my head. Some I'm sure I will accomplish, others will fade away as the year grows into what it will be. 

What is important for this year? Where do I want to be this time next year? What are next steps to getting to this place? 

Well, achieving my goals won't mean a thing if I haven't built worth in my relationships and grown spiritually. So this morning, I'll think of my goals in context of the bigger picture. 

Lara Casey has some great printables and worksheets to really get you thinking. This inspired me today.

Making these things happen first will make accomplishing business goals oh so much sweeter.

Update: School has been delayed and preschool canceled, since Monday. So, instead of making goals I've been accomplishing the important task of being with my kids.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thankful in Haiti

I was able to take a trip over Thanksgiving to the country of Haiti. It was truly a blessing to get a glimpse of the lives of the people there and to hug on the children, some of which were orphans. Haiti has many challenges and many needs, but in so many ways the people are very rich. The culture and food are vibrant and the smiles and games were full of fun. I loved my time there and the people I was lucky enough to meet. Being there made me realize I need to laugh 300% more in my life at home and really enjoy my husband and children. We have so much, that all the stuff just causes aggravation and busyness. While I wouldn't trade the beautiful life I live here, feeling and hearing a slower paced, simpler life for a week was wonderful. And eating Haitian food made from scratch made me happy. :)

 My sister-n-law, Ally and I at the airport ready to go!

 A "tap-tap" (taxi) in Port-au-Prince

Our guest house in Maliarette

All of our group but the leader, Marty.

Ally with Little Djimy on our first visit to the outdoor school in Maliarette. 
We were able to play with them at recess.

The kids loved taking pictures.

A game of duck, duck, goose.

These girls really knew how to jump rope!

In the afternoon we painted fingernails and toenails.

This little girl was so funny showing us her fingers. 

Katie dancing with one of her favorites.

The next day we worked in the community garden and saw two tarantulas. I wasn't much help.

Jedlain, the community leader and our guide, loved playing with the kids.

Metishela and her youngest, Baby.

Djilande was always with me when we were in the village.

This was our view out the window every morning around 5. 
The donkeys, chickens and goats woke us up.

Edithe (sounds like Ed-zeet) with some of her crafts.

Team Ally vs. Team Nick in a game where you called a number and the people with that number went out to grab the ball as fast as they could.

The ladies at the guesthouse had our food ready on the tables at meal times. We loved the "tang."

Ally, Jedlain, Nick, Appolon, me, Lori, Katie, Marty
Debbie, Rick, Donald and Phelo, our driver

The house beside the church below. See the cactus that made up the fence around each lot.

Debbie and her special friend that she met two years before.

Jedlain finally showed us that he can carry things on his head like the ladies.

The airstrip near the guesthouse.

A beautiful view on the way back to Port-au-Prince.

Jedlain, our guide.

Katie and Nick at the orphanage.

We stayed at an orphanage on our first night and last night.

Just as we were going to the airport, the children from the orphanage were heading off to school. 
I loved seeing them in their uniforms. 

On the day we left the farming community, the community council asked that we would remember Maliarette and tell other people about them. They want to see change in their community where so many are hungry and lacking shelter. Since 410 Bridge began partnering with them two years ago, they now have a well for clean water and an outdoor school. I pray that they continue to grow in Christ and that they will find ways to create income for their families. There are so many needs in Haiti that seem impossible, but I believe God's love can change people and circumstances. I hope to get to travel there again someday and see our friends in Port-au-Prince and Maliarette.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Break

McSwain Design is going dark for the week of Thanksgiving this year. By stepping back from the digital world, I'm hoping to share some light in the country of Haiti. I'll report back on my adventure soon.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Corporate Side

The corporate side of my work doesn't get the press that it deserves! Often I create templates for customers and hand off projects before production, so I don't always see the end results. In spite of all that, it's been exciting year from me. I've worked with some wonderful new clients and best of all continued relationships with clients from over the years. My clients are incredible and I'm so thankful for the work that helps keep my household running.

Here are a few shots of recent work.

Logo Design for Rabon Law Firm, not website. Longer post to come on identity development.